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Pembangunan RS Indonesia di Rakhine Memasuki Tahap Kedua

YANGON, - Pembangunan Rumah Sakit Indonesia di Mrauk U, Rakhine, Myanmar, kini telah memasuki tahap dua. Groundbreaking baru saja dilakukan, dan saat ini juga tengah dilakukan pembangunan rumah dokter, dan…


Isu Penembakan di Oxford Street London, KBRI Imbau WNI Waspada

Jakarta - Terjadi kepanikan akibat adanya laporan penembakan di Oxford Street, London, Inggris. Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia (KBRI) di London mengimbau agar WNI yang berada di sekitar Oxford Street…


Kartu Masyarakat Indonesia di Luar Negeri (KMILN)

Salam Diaspora!

Teman- teman Diaspora yang budiman dimanapun berada,
Menyambung Q&A pertama seputar Kartu Diaspora yang digagas oleh Executive Board IDN Global (IDNG)…



Seminar kebangsaan dengan Tema “Pahlawan Doeloe, Sekarang, dan Esok”

Untuk memperingati Hari Pahlawan Nasional yang jatuh pada tanggal 10 November setiap tahunnya, Indonesian Diaspora Network in Taiwan akan melaksanakan kegiatan Seminar kebangsaan dengan Tema “Pahlawan Doeloe, Sekarang,…



Dalam upaya memperkenalkan keanekaragaman Indonesia, sejarah bangsa dan konsep “nationhood” kepada putra-putri diaspora Indonesia di Manila, IDN-Manila menyelenggarakan acara “Mengenal Indonesia”…

Deklarasi Disapora Indonesia

We are the Indonesian diasporas.


We are spread throughout the five continents of the world, consisting of Indonesian citizens, and citizens of other nations and persons of Indonesian descents. We are large, diverse groups of people, bonded by our connection and affection to Indonesia. We consist of professionals, labourers, hospitality workers, ship crew, engineers, architects, teachers, students, politicians and activities, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, athletes, religious figures, youths, housewives and many more.
We have gathered here in Los Angeles to ignite and develop the fellowship of the Indonesian diasporas worldwide, and to connect with fellow diasporas and to renew and strengthen our connection with Indonesia. We have decided on the following: We are determined to build a community of viable Indonesian diasporas globally.  For this purpose, we have established the Indonesian Diaspora Network. We are determined to synergize with Indonesia. Responding to the call made by the government to the Congress and supported with the presence of members of House of Representative, civil society leaders and the business community from Indonesia, we are ready and committed to develop a strong and dynamic partnership and collaboration for shared prosperity with Indonesia. We are heartened by Indonesia’s democratic, economic, diplomatic achievements, and growing cultural confidence worldwide, and we believe that Indonesia will resolve her long-standing challenges, such as  to promote prosperity for all, good governance and the rule of law.
We firmly believe in Indonesia’s bright future with her enormous potentials, and we have faith in what is best about Indonesia; tolerance and harmony, unity and diversity, pluralism, and tradition that respects mother earth. We remind Indonesians the supreme importance of preserving these age old wisdoms, for without them Indonesia would lose her soul.  We shall do all we can to work with them to promote these values. We believe that the 21st century shall be Indonesia’s best century. To meet this prospect, Indonesia should be confident, adaptive, open to ideas, meritocratic, and intelligently draw on the strength of natural resources, human capital, and cultural heritages. The Indonesian diasporas shall be a HUB –  for ideas, solutions, resources, and networks – for shared prosperity, and a force for peace and progress.? We shall promote Indonesian culture. We shall spread the word and cooperate with other diaspora communities, and we shall endeavor to grow together, and help one another. This is the beginning of a new chapter for Indonesia and Indonesian diasporas. We invite all Indonesian diasporas to move forward with us.
Los Angeles, July 8, 2012