Sejarah Kami


  • "Diaspora Bhakti Bangsa"

    ( 2015-08-12 )

    Sementara CID-3 diselenggarakan tanggal 12-13 Agustus 2015 dengan tema “Diaspora Bhakti Bangsa”. Sejumlah topik dibahas dalam CID-3 di antaranya Indonesia’s Tourism, Liveable Cities, Dwi Kewarganegaraan, Kartu Diaspora dan Visa Eks-WNI, serta perlindungan pekerja migran Indonesia.

  • "Diaspora Pulang Kampung"

    ( 2013-08-18 )

    Kongres berikutnya kemudian digelar di Jakarta yakni pada 18-20 Agustus 2013 dengan tema “Pulang Kampung. Kongres yang dihadiri 2500 peserta ini dibuka oleh Presiden RI ke-6 Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Dalam sesi penutupan, diberikan penghargaan “Lifetime Achievement” kepada BJ Habiebie atas dedikasinya sebagai Diaspora Indonesia yang berprestasi dan paling menginspirasi.

  • Los Angeles, 2012 "Deklarasi Diaspora"

    ( 2012-07-06 )

    Kongres pertama kali diprakarsai oleh Duta Besar RI untuk AS Dino Patti Djalal telah digelar pada tanggal 6-8 Juli 2012 di Los Angeles, AS. Lebih dari 2000 Diaspora Indonesia bertemu dalam satu forum khusus untuk membahas berbagai topik terkait diaspora. Kongres tersebut melahirkan “Declaration of Indonesian Diaspora” yang mencakup visi dan masa depan Diaspora Indonesia.


Visi & Misi


Visi IDN


  • Meningkatkan hubungan multilateral antara Indonesia dengan chapter IDN di seluruh dunia maupun negara yang belum memiliki chapter
  • Mengintegrasikan beragam ide, solusi serta jaringan sumber daya untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat
  • Memberikan sumbangsih bagi masyarakat Indonesia melalui ide dan kegiatan seperti halnya yang tercermin dalam misi program yang diselenggarakan
  • Menjalankan fungsi dan tugasnya berkaitan dengan visi yang dibangun

Misi IDN

  • IDN berupaya mewujudkan visi yang ada dengan :
    • menyelenggarakan kegiatan yang terkait pembinaan, sosial budaya dan sejumlah bidang lainnya
    • bekerjasama dengan organisasi lain ataupun pihak-pihak yang turut berkontribusi dalam mewujudkan visi IDN
  • Memfasilitasi dan menyebarkan pengetahuan di Indonesia dan seluruh masyarakat dunia
  • Meningkatkan kesejahteraan penduduk baik oleh masyarakat Indonesia yang berada di dalam negeri maupun di luar negeri.  


Dewan Eksekutif


Mark Gerald Eman


Chapter : KIM / IDN Myanmar

Mark Gerald Eman currently holds a position as the Managing Director of Japfa Comfeed Myanmar Pte. Ltd. Previously from 2008 to 2013 he served as the Country Head of Japfa's business in Myanmar. This company, part of Japfa Group, is a Foreign Direct Investment in Myanmar,. It has a total group turnover (revenue) of USD 3 billion and is listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange. Currently, Japfa Group is one of a small number of Indonesian companies that are successfully operating outside of Indonesia. It has direct investment in several countries, such as Singapore (Head Office), Myanmar, Vietnam, India, and China.

Japfa Comfeed Myanmar has 1200 employees with 45 expatriates from different countries and is also assisted by some advisors and consultants from various countries to ensure the company’s position in facing the global competition. It competes with many large companies from Europe and Asia who also invest in the same industry. In the last 5 years, Japfa in Myanmar has been consistent in its growth rate, which is above 25%.

Gerald also holds the position as the Chairman of Diaspora Indonesia in Myanmar, or also known as “Kerukunan Indonesia Myanmar” (KIM). Together with the Indonesian community in Myanmar and with the support from the Indonesian Embassy in Yangon, KIM has held major events in Myanmar such as Indonesian Zei (Pasar Indonesia) in 2013, which was formally opened by U Zaw Min Win, at the time Vice President of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), and now President of UMFCCI; and also Batik Transformation in 2015, involving the participation of many Indonesian companies, that was formally opened by the Myanmar Minister of Culture, Aye Myint Kyu and was also attended by a number of Ambassadors from various countries.

Gerald graduated from the Faculty of Economics, majoring in Accounting, from Parahyangan University, Bandung. He is married with 2 children: a 9 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. For Gerald, the support from his family is the key to his success in his professional work and in the Diaspora organization.

Said Zaidansyah

Deputy President I

Chapter : IDN Philippines

Said Zaidansyah is a Principal Counsel with Asian Development Bank (ADB). He joined ADB under the Young Professional Program in 2002. This is a program that recruits highly qualified and motivated professionals under the age of 32 to join the organization.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in February 1997. During his time as an undergraduate student, he became the Secretary General of the ASEAN Law Students Association and participated in the SIF-ASEAN Student Fellowship Program.

After graduation, he immediately became an associate in Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners, an affiliate of Baker McKenzie (the largest law firm in the world). He obtained an LLM degree from Queen Mary College, University of London and was a recipient of a Chevening scholarship from the British Government.

He has travelled and worked extensively around the world, particularly in Asia and the Pacific. In ADB, he has been involved in several law and policy reforms initiatives, particularly in anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism as well as improving the criminal justice system. He loves walking, reading and learning different cultures.

As the First Deputy President of IDNG and the Chair of IDN Manila, he is keen on pushing the agenda that will optimize the potential of Indonesian diasporas to contribute to Indonesia as well as connecting the dots of the diasporas located throughout the globe. It is worth noting that he recently coordinated the publication of a book titled Menembus Batas that described the story of 15 Indonesian diasporas working in various international financial institutions.

He currently lives in Manila with his wife and two children.

Yenni Thamrin

Deputy President II

Chapter : IDN China

Prof. Yenni Thamrin, as the President of Indonesia Diaspora Network China, as well as the Vice-Chief of Kadin Indonesia China Committee and the Second Deputy President of IDNG, is an Indonesian lady with ethnic Chinese descent. She firmly believes the values implanted by her mother since she was young, that the long and winding migration history of the ethnic Chinese has made them an integral part of the Indonesian nation, and thereby, they hold equal role and responsibility in the development of the nation and country of Indonesia. Such values have resulted in Prof. Yenni Thamrin to be an alumni of Lemhanas KSA IX as well as an Executive Advisor and Instructor in the Republic of Indonesia’s Police Force for 22 years. She has also twice received the prestigious Satya Lancana Dwidya Sistha award from the President of the Republic if Indonesia in the years 2003 and 2013.

Following the famous Indonesian saying, "when you drink water, remember its source", Prof. Yenni continues to explore the roots and origins of her ancestors' culture. She has found Indonesia to be the essence of her soul, while China of her spirit. Thus rose her mission to be able to develop and strengthen the friendship ties between Indonesia and China, as well as to promote the economic and cultural development of the two countries. Her activities are hence filled with collaborations with various institutes, both in the private and government sector, and her active role and service to the community has led to her Honorary Professor awards from 18 universities in China and Indonesia

Monique Patricia

Vice President (Communication)

Chapter : FKMIS/ IDN Singapore

An entrepreneur, co-founder and current Advisor of Forum Komunikasi Masyarakat Indonesia di Singapura (FKMIS/IDN Singapore, Monique Patricia is also the co-founder and current advisor of Masyarakat Kristiani Indonesia di Singapura (MKIS), and the Vice President in charge of Communication for the Executive Board of IDNG. Her skills in communication and negotiation are beneficial for her position as Vice President for Communication in IDN Global.


Monique is a world traveler, promoter/producer of concerts and art performances, as well as an event organizer. She is an entrepreneur who travels between Jakarta, Singapore and the Netherlands. Her multiple talents extend to possessing a great singing voice and she is also an excellent MC.


She graduated from Tarakanita Secretarial Academy. Only 6 months working as a secretary, she was promoted as a salesperson in an MNC whose headquarter is based in the Netherland.


Then she was sponsored by her next employer to take Human Resources for Financial Institution course in Hongkong and came back to Indonesia afterwards and appointed as the Head of Administration of the company.


She moved to Singapore 18 years ago in where she runs a company for event organizer and travel agent. She has now expanded her wing to Rotterdam to run a company focusing on business event organizer and concert culture performance as well as tailor-made travel agent, named Pan Premix Netherlands BV.


The working wife and proud mother is busy in a myriad of activities that display a quiet compassion in humanity, high passion in a united Indonesia and the positive development of its people.

Yurdi Yasmi

Vice President I (Program)

Chapter : IDN Thailand

Yurdi Yasmi works as Coordinator for Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery at FAO of the United Nations (FAO) in its Regional Office forAsia and the Pacific in Bangkok. He manages multi-million project portfolios in the region. With PhD and MSc degrees from Wageningen University, Netherlands; and a BSc from Institute Pertanian Bogor (IPB) his work focuses on international development in agriculture and environmental sectors.

He has been appointed to various high level expert panels to provide strategic advice on global environmental agreements, amongst others at the World Bank, ASEAN, IUFRO, and ITTO. With a passion for research, he has published over 70 scientific publications and given guest lectures in Europe as well as in Asia.

Previously, he worked in international development and research organizations based in Netherlands, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia covering portfolios in Asia and Africa. He established the Indonesia Diaspora Network in Thailand in 2016, and is involved as a key player for Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia International. He was the Chairman of the Indonesian Students Association (known as PPI) in the Netherlands in 2004 and the first Director of the ASEAN Forestry Students Association (1995).

Yurdi received Wanabhakti Pertama Award, the highest alumni award, from his alma mater IPB in 2015. Other achievements include amongst others, second place for Mahasiswa Berprestasi Nasional (1997); AFS Exchange Student to Australia (1991-1992); and Siswa Teladan Nasional for Junior High School representing Sumatra Barat (1989).. He has attended twice the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day at the Presidential Palace.

In 2016, he was crowned as the leader of his traditional tribe ‘Caniago’, one of the major tribes in West Sumatra, Minang Kabau with a title Datuk Patiah.

His work has taken him to over 40 countries throughout the world. Yurdi speaks Spanish, Dutch, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and English. He lives in Bangkok with his wife while his son is pursuing Business Studies in the Netherlands.

Kartini Sarsilaningsih

Vice President II (Program)

Chapter : IDN Qatar

Kartini Sarsilaningsih is a graduate from the Faculty of Letters, University of Indonesia (1990) and Tarakanita Secretarial Academy (1987). Taking the opportunity during her employment in Belgium between 1992-1995, she continued her study and obtained her Master’s degree in Industrial Location and Development from Vrij Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium in 1995.

As for her work experience, she has worked for various national private companies, multinational companies, and government missions for more than 15 years, in different industries/sectors, among others: Infra-Structure, International Trading, Hospitality & Tourism, and Banking. Kartini has performed many different functions, including: HRD & Training, Business Development, and Sales & Marketing at middle management level. She also used to undergo freelance assignments as a compliance auditor from US based organization for its ASEAN projects.

Her education background and work experience have shaped her to be a generalist, multi-tasking and broad-minded person who can easily adapt to any new environments and assignments.

At present, she lives in Qatar with her family since 2003. As a mother of two, she currently prefers to have professional and social activities which offer her flexible time in performing and managing her tasks. She is a Representative of one Indonesian Private University for GCC, where in this role she helps Indonesian Diaspora in GCC to have access to advance their education. She was chosen as the Chairman of Koperasi Warga Indonesia Qatar (KWIQ) which was established in 2016 and she is also the founder of Indonesian Business Association in Qatar (IBAQ). Her activity in KWIQ and IBAQ is driven by her passion in encouraging entrepreneurship to her fellow diasporas.

She hopes that her new role in Indonesian Diaspora Network - Global as Second Vice President with responsibility for Program will allow her to widen her insight while being able to give significant contribution to the organization and to the nation, the Republic of Indonesia.


Vice President I (Partnership)

Chapter : IDN Taiwan

Deyantono was born as IBC (Indonesian-Born Chinese) on December 4, 1976 in Surabaya. He moved to Taiwan to learn Chinese Language at Mandarin Training Centre – National Taiwan Normal University since August 2000. With the huge Indonesia Population in Taiwan (almost 300,000 people), he found a lot of great opportunities to run a business. Nine months later, he and his Taiwanese Partner opened The First Indonesian Store in Taipei City, called Indojaya at Taipei Main Station. He has run various businesses for more than 16 years. His business is commonly related with Indonesia society in Taiwan, such as Indonesia restaurant, remittance, and Magazine called INTAI (Indonesia-Taiwan).

After he graduated as Master of Business Administration from University of Detroit Mercy, Michigan State, USA & Fu Jen Catholic University, New Taipei City in May 2006, he started to write Novels. He is the author of 3 novels. They are “I am trapped in Taipei City” in Indonesia Language (2006), “What a Wonderful Affair” in Indonesia Language (2010), and Chinese Language (2011), and “The Love Affair in Formosa” in Indonesia Language (2011). He was one of the producers of The Film “Diaspora & Love in Taipei” based on his novel “What a wonderful affair”. His film was released in Indonesia on July 2014.

And with the support from the Indonesia Economic and Trade Office in Taipei, he has been the chairman of The Association of Indonesian businessmen in Taiwan (called APIT) since 2008; the Treasurer of Christmas Committee for Indonesia Society in Taiwan since 2011; Member of the committee of Indonesia Election in Taiwan (2008/2009 & 2013/2014); and the Chairman of Indonesian Diaspora Network- Taiwan (2013-2015). He was also vice president in IDNG for East Asia Region (August 2013 - 1 July 2017). Furthermore, since 2 July 2017, he was chosen as Vice President I for Partnership in IDNG for the term 2017-2019.

Ayleen Wisudha

Vice President II (Partnership)

Chapter : IDN UK & Republic of Ireland

Ayleen Wisudha has lived in the UK for over 40 years. She is an applied psychologist and is Acting Course Leader for the MSc program in Business Psychology at the University of Westminster in London. Through years of preparation, Ayleen is proud to be part of a team who has successfully accomplished MOU’s between Indonesian universities and her university in London, providing access to Indonesian students and scholars to studies and collaborative work with the University of Westminster.

She has a passion for supporting young people in their entry into the employability market and provides professional development programs for her students to help narrow the gap for them between academia and the workplace.

In Indonesia, Ayleen actively promotes the use of psychology in her role as the Indonesian Partner of Lumina Learning, a Training and Development company based in the UK. She has qualified over 30 psychology and HR practitioners in Indonesia in a system of psychometric solutions that support individuals and teams within organizations. For a number of years, Ayleen has worked with members of the faculty of psychology at Atma Jaya university and BINUS university, covering a span of teaching, research and consultancy activities.

In February 2017, Ayleen took on the role of Chairperson of the Indonesian Diaspora Network in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. IDN UK RoI is also known as PERI-UK RoI (Perhimpunan Rantau Indonesia di UK dan RoI). Supported by a strong and united committee, PERI-UK RoI has a wide range of projects which aim to cover activities and events geared to support the Diaspora community and to raise local awareness about Indonesia. In May 2017, the PERI-UK RoI committee for 2017-2019 ran its first event – a Family Fun Day – which encompassed culinary delights, sports, cultural performances and education.

Ayleen has most recently taken up the role of Vice President II in IDNG, with responsibility for Partnership, and is looking forward to learning as well as sharing her experience in developing partnership programs in her quest to serve Indonesia and her fellow countrymen, at home and abroad.

Basuki Endah Priyanto

Vice President I (Working Group)

Chapter : IDN Swedia

Basuki Endah Priyanto currently serves as Vice President I , with responsibility for Task Forces in IDNG. He has been active as an executive board member of IDNG since 2013.

Professionally, He works as Master Researcher at Sony Mobile Communications AB in Sweden. His main responsibility is as the delegate from SONY Corporation in global mobile cellular standardization (3GPP) in 4G LTE and 5G NR physical layer. He also leads various research projects.

He obtained his doctoral (PhD) degree in Wireless Communications from Aalborg University, Denmark, Master of Engineering (M.Eng) degree in Electrical Engineering (Communications) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and BSc.EE (cum laude) in Electrical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia.

He has more than 15 years of career experience in the area of wireless communications. Prior to his current position at Sony, he was affiliated with several research and development departments, such as Huawei Technologies AB – Sweden, Ericsson AB - Sweden, Nokia Siemens Networks – Denmark, Positioning and Wireless Technology Center – Singapore, and Radio Telecommunication and Microwave Lab ITB – Indonesia. He was also with Schlumberger Network Solutions as a Network Engineer in Jakarta, Indonesia.

During his studies, he received various scholarships and awards, including a PhD fellowship award from Aalborg University, Master by research scholarship from Nanyang Technological University, Under-graduate scholarship from PT. Excelcomindo Pratama, ITB Rector’s award for developing amateur radio club in ITB, and numerous patent awards from Sony, Huawei and Ericsson AB. His research has resulted in numerous scientific technical publications, he is co-author of LTE Handbook, and 50+ patents have been filed in European/US patent office.

He lives in Lund, Sweden with his wife and two sons.

Izaakh Lie

Vice President II (Working Group)

Chapter : IDN USA

Izaakh Lie, or more popularly known as Butce Lie, was born in Makassar and grew up in Papua. He is an Environment Engineer who runs his own business as an importer of live tropical fishes, especially live corals. His corals farms are located in Sawangan, Bali and Banyuwangi.

Butce loves traveling and learning about different cultures. Recently he has shared his experiences in the local magazine in Los Angeles, called "Indonesia Media".

Besides that, he is also involved in many activities in the Indonesian community in Los Angeles. He was appointed as the Chairman of Indonesian Festival, the biggest event for the Indonesian community in LA. He has also been appointed as the Ambassador of Worldharvest, which currently supports the education of 2000 students in Indonesia and 500 students in Congo, Uganda and Pakistan. With $30 per month the organization pays each student’s tuition fee, school uniform, and food.

In the business community, he serves as the Executive Board of IABC (Indonesia American Business Council).

Butce is also active in religious-related events in LA. There are 108 Indonesian churches in LA. To unite these churches the community has formed an organization called BKS - GICS as the umbrella. He is assigned as the committee member with responsibility for fundraising in this organization.

Joko Supriyanto

Secretary General

Chapter : IDN USA

Joko Supriyanto was born in Ngawi, East Java. He is a technology evangelist and community activist. While pursuing his higher education at Budi Luhur University, Joko started an outsource company in Jakarta with a friend, developing modern web application that led him to move to the USA. He joined General Electric (GE) Digital in 2014 as a Senior Software Engineer, providing solutions that empower health systems to effectively manage their workforce to help lower labor costs, improve quality of care and deliver operational efficiencies.

As an Indonesian proverb says "Dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung", Joko makes the most use of his talent, wherever he resides. Since he moved to the USA, he has been actively involved in community activities locally in Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin state and he also works closely with national Indonesian Muslim organizations such as IMSA (Indonesian Muslim Society in America), ICMI-NA (Ikatan Cendikian Muslim Indonesia Chapter North America). He is also a founding member of Indonesian Diaspora Network USA. He was appointed as President IDN-USA in 2015 and then became involved in IDNG. Joko had served as a board member of Madinah Academy of Madison (MAM) a Full-time Islamic School and served as Executive Director for Islamic Summer School in Madison before moving to Milwaukee. He now serves as the President of the Indonesian Muslim Community in Chicago Area, known as Pengajian Chicago.

Joko always has time for any community activity wherever the opportunity arises. His smile enables him to easily get along with anyone and his willingness to work with others, makes everyone happy around him. Joko, his wife and 3 children now live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about an hour and half drive from the City of Chicago.

Vina Sari Thaher

Secretary I

Chapter : IDN Oman

Vina Sari Thaher is assigned as Secretary I in the Executive Board of IDNG for the period of 2017 – 2019. When she was asked if she was interested to be part of the Executive Board of IDNG in July 2017, she was excited and honored to be given the opportunity but at the same time she was also nervous. However, she trusts that all Executive Board members would help and encourage each other to do the best for IDNG. So, there she is now as Secretary I, enthusiastically assists the Secretary General of IDNG to run his tasks.

Apart from her position as the Secretary I in IDNG, she also coincidentally holds the same position, as Secretary 1, in Indonesian Diaspora Network Chapter Oman (IDN Oman). IDN Oman has just been established in Muscat, Oman, in August 2016. Vina was one of five co-founders of IDN Oman who set up the foundation and designed the “AD/ART” of IDN Oman.

Vina obtained her Bachelor of Electrical Engineer from the University of Indonesia and holds a Masters degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Vina's professional work life has diverted somewhat from her education background.

She is a SAP Consultant in SAP FICO and JV modules, with 15 years of experience and now she works as a SAP Senior Specialist in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) in Muscat, Oman, where she has worked since 2013. Prior to joining PDO, Vina worked as SAP Consultant in Shell Malaysia, Accenture’s Kuala Lumpur office and Accenture’s Jakarta office.

This mother of a 14-year-old son and a 9-year old daughter is looking forward to the interesting journey with IDNG and to contributing to the IDN organization and Indonesia.

Dhanny Jauhar

Secretary II

Chapter : IDN Kuwait

Dhanny Jauhar, graduated from the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia and holds a Master of Law degree from Melbourne Law school, Australia. He is a senior legal counsel of a Kuwait based multinational energy company. Prior to such role he has worked as an in-house counsel for various multinational energy companies. In the Indonesia Diaspora organization, he serves as vice secretary II of the Global Indonesia Diaspora Network and Vice President II of IDN - Kuwait. Dhanny is a sports enthusiast, he does light jogging or short distance running in his leisure time. He currently lives with his family in Kuwait City, the State of Kuwait. He has lived, studied and worked in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Usman Naito


Chapter : IDN Japan

Usman Naito (Choiruddin) was born in Magetan, East Java and then moved to Japan since the late 90's. He graduated from society and industry in Japan and is very fond of organizing and volunteering. He is active as a motivator for young Indonesians who are apprenticing and studying in Japan through the WGTT (working group for technology transfer) organization by conducting training and seminars. In addition, he is also active as an executive board at KAJI (Japanese alumni community) whose members are spread all over the world. In Japan's bilateral relations, he has also been an executive board member at LPIH (Indonesia - Hamamatsu Friendship Organization). 


Usman initiated and leads JIC (Japan Indonesia consultancy) a volunteer that bridges potential investors who need information about Indonesia and its potentials. As a Diaspora who loves the nation and also the city where he lives he was once a foreigner representative to Together build the city of Hamamatsu with twice the period of becoming a foreign council in Hamamatsu city. In his career, he has spent 12 years building business and leading his company, now a CEO at Hamaren Corp. located in Hamamatsu Japan and Jababeka Indonesia. In addition, in realizing the dream and desire to improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia and boosting the quantity of professional diaspora Indonesia in Japan, recently through the education center that he founded, he started his new program in educating the youth of Indonesia to follow the internship program, continue the study and as a manpower Professional to work in Japan. Usman lives in Hamamatsu city with his wife and 3 children. He is also enjoys adventure and golf. In front of his house in Japan there is a permanent flagpole that is used to fly the Indonesia's Flag on every 17th August, the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

Desiree Luhulima

Vice Treasurer

Chapter : IDN Finlandia & Estonia

Desiree Luhulima graduated from Santa Ursula I Highschool, Jakarta and carried on to undertake a first degree in the Faculty of Engineering in the University of Indonesia. She took Metallurgy as her major, facing the challenges of studying a subject matter that was predominantly dominated by male students. She graduated in 1986 and immediately started her teaching career in the same Department.

Desiree went to Belgium in 1989 to pursue her Master’s Degree, and in 1990 she earned her Master degree in Surface Technology, from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University Leuven), Belgium. In 1997 she moved and landed herself a position as a researcher in the Department of Materials Science and Rock Engineering at Helsinki University of Technology (presently Aalto University).

In 2007 she became one of the founders of the Indonesian-Finnish Ecumenical Christian Association, MAKRO-IF ry, and in the same capability she founded the Indonesian Student Association in Finland. Following that, she was elected by representatives of Indonesian associations in Finland as chairperson of the Indonesian Foreign State Election for Finland and Estonia (PPLN Finlandia-Estonia) 2013-2014 under the General Elections Committee (Komite Pemilihan Umum) in Indonesia. Desiree continued her organizational career and in 2014, she became of the founders of Indonesian Diaspora Association in Finland and Estonia, and was elected as one of the Vice Chairperson of Diaspora Indonesia FE ry.

Her passion of being a professional teacher, however, never faded. She extended her knowledge and earned her teaching diploma at the School of Vocational Teacher Education in Haaga-Helia University, Finland in 2010. With this qualification, in 2012, she wholeheartedly started her new career as an Indonesian Language teacher to Indonesian children born and residing in Finland.

After working for several years as an educator and teacher in Finland, and observing how Finland has become one of the leading countries in Early Childhood Education, Desiree now confidently shares her experience with teachers and parents from the Early Childhood Education and Care centres (PAUD) and schools in Indonesia.

Desiree currently holds the position of Deputy Treasurer for IDNG for the period 2017-2019. She is also one of three regional representatives for Europe.


Dewan Penasihat


Wali Dewan


Dino Patti Djalal

Chairman Board of Trustees

Chapter : IDN Indonesia

Dino Patti Djalal was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia on 10th September 1965 into an Indonesian diplomatic family.  As the son of a diplomat, he lived in Jakarta, Yugoslavia, Guinea, Singapore, Washington DC, New York, Ottawa, Vancouver.  As a diplomat, he was posted to London, Dili, Washington DC.
Throughout his life, Dino Patti Djalal has had a mix of Islamic as well as Western education. He went to Muhamadiyyah elementary and Al-Azhar junior high school and completed his high school in McLean, Virginia. Subsequently, he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada); a Masters Degree in Political Science from Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada), and a Ph.D. in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science (London, UK).
He also widely known as the father of Indonesian Diasporas, given his role in launching the first World Congress of Indonesian Diasporas in Los Angeles in 2012.

Herman Syah

Board of Trustee

Chapter : IDN Netherlands

Herman Syah is an Aerospace Engineer with Master degree who has been working in the IT industry for 16 years as a Software Engineer whereby in between as a Software Test Engineer.

His destiny brought him back to the Netherlands in the year of 2000 after 9 years working at the Indonesian Aerospace (PTDI) in Bandung. Around 1998 when Indonesia suffered an economic and political crisis Herman got offered a PhD program from the TU Delft, the University where he obtained his master degree. Due to the difficulty in financing his research work, Herman had to quit this program in 2001 and found his new career in the IT world.
Years before, after his graduation in 1988 Herman began his career as an Aerospace Engineer at Fokker Aircraft B.V., Schiphol. In 1991 he returned to Indonesia. Herman was one of the first batch of Habibie scholarship students who was sent to the Netherlands in 1982 and returned to Indonesia as the country’s first flight simulation engineer. At PTDI Herman was assigned several positions, starting from simulation engineer up to group leader, project engineer, project leader, supervisor and project manager. Herman has served also 2 years as an extraordinary lecturer at Bandung Institute of Technology which was his alma mater prior to studying at TU Delft, in the subject of Aircraft Systems Design.
Herman who is an alumnus of Canisius College, Jakarta, was a quite active student during his study, both at ITB and at the TU Delft. He was a member of Badan Perwakilan Anggota (member representative body) at the Himpunan Mahasiswa Mesin (Mechanical Engineering Student Association) ITB, the Staff VII (Research and Development) of the Battalion I-ITB Mahawarman Student Regiment and a vice chairman of ITB Basketball Club. He was also a member of Dewan Kerja Nasional Penegak dan Pandega, Kwartir Nasional Gerakan Pramuka Masa Bhakti 1978-1983, that must be broken due to his continuing study to Holland in 1982. In the Netherlands, Herman was a Chairman of Presidium PPI in the Netherlands and a Chairman of PPI Delft in 1986 and 1987 respectively.
After a long period of silence Herman was interested in the Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) as founded in the first congress of Indonesian Diaspora in Los Angeles 2012. At the end of 2012, together with some others Indonesian Diaspora in the Netherlands, he founded the IDN-NL. Continuing his fight for dual citizenship since 2005, Herman established the Task Force Immigration and Nationality (TFIN) of IDN-NL and IDN-EU. Under his leadership, TFIN IDN-NL has organized several seminars about Dual Citizenship in the Netherlands and published a booklet about Diaspora Card (KMILN), while TFIN IDN-EU, comprising of members from 8 EU countries, has released a book titled ‘Hukum (Dwi) Kewarganegaraan di Uni Eropa’. After the 4th Congress of Indonesian Diaspora in Jakarta, July 2017, Herman was entrusted as a member of Board of Trustee IDN-Global 2017-2019.
Herman is married and has a son. His hobby is making round-trip holidays and helping his wife in her Angklung Group as a guitarist.

Ali Mustofha

Board of Trustee

Chapter : IDN Qatar

Ali Musthofa is an Indonesian Diaspora from Kediri, East Java. A 27-year experience oil and gas professional, mainly in exploration, now serves as Senior Petrophysical Engineer in Qatar Petroleum (QP), based in Doha, Qatar. Holds BS in Geology from University of Padjadjaran, Bandung, and Magister in Information System Management from Binus University, Jakarta.


Ali used to be the chairman of Indonesian Community Association in Qatar from 2008 to 2010 and the President of Indonesian Diaspora Network, Qatar chapter from 2012 to 2015. Passionate in social and community activities, likewise professional societies. Ali is a member of IATMI (Ikatan Ahli Teknik Perminyakan Indonesia) Qatar and Qatar Geological Society.


He was a member of formation team that elected the first President of IDN Global during 2nd CID in Jakarta 2013. Ali served as VP IDN Global for Middle East and Africa (MEA) for 2 periods, 2013-2015 and 2015-2017 periods. During his leadership, new IDN chapters were formed in the MEA regions, i.e. IDN Oman, IDN Madagascar, IDN Kuwait, in addition to IDN Qatar, IDN UAE, IDN Mauritius and IDN Egypt that were formed earlier. Ali then accepted the offer to be a member of IDN Global Board of Trustees, 2017-2019 period, during 4th CID, 1-4 July 2017 in Jakarta.


Ali lives in Doha, Qatar, since 2005, with his wife Dewi and two daughters, Fadya and Farah Musthofa. The grandfather of one grandson is highly-motivated person, happy to be part of Indonesian Diaspora and Indonesian Diaspora Network Global, and keen to give back his experience to his home country, Indonesia.


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Deklarasi Diaspora Indonesia

Kami diaspora Indonesia.



Kami tersebar di lima benua, terdiri dari warganegara Indonesia dan warga bangsa-bangsa dunia yang berketurunan Indonesia. Kami merupakan komunitas-komunitas yang besar dan beragam dan terikat oleh tali hubungan dan rasa kecintaan terhadap Indonesia. Kami terdiri dari para profesional, buruh, perawat, awak kapal, insinyur, arsitek, guru, mahasiswa, politikus dan aktivitis, artis, wiraswasta, inovator, atlit, pemuka agama, pemuda, ibu rumah tangga dan banyak lagi.


Kami berkumpul di Los Angeles untuk menumbuhkan dan mengembangkan persaudaraan dengan diaspora Indonesia di seluruh dunia, dan untuk menghubungkan sesama diaspora guna memperbaharui dan memperkuat keterikatan dengan Indonesia. Dengan ini kami menyatakan: Kami bertekad untuk membangun sebuah komunitas global diaspora Indonesia. Untuk tujuan ini, kami membentuk Indonesian Diaspora Network. Kami bertekad untuk bersinergi dengan Indonesia. Menjawab himbauan pemerintah kepada Kongres, dan diperkuat oleh kehadiran anggota parlemen, pemimpin masyarakat madani dan wiraswasta Indonesia, kami siap dan berkomitmen untuk mengembangkan kemitraan dan kerjasama yang dinamis untuk kesejahteraan bersama dengan Indonesia. Kami berbesar hati dengan kemajuan demokrasi, ekonomi, posisi internasional Indonesia dan budaya Indonesia yang semakin men-dunia, dan kami percaya bahwa Indonesia akan mengatasi tantangan yang masih ada, seperti memajukan kesejahteraan umum, meningkatkan good governance, dan menegakkan hukum.


Kami menaruh harapan tinggi pada masa depan cerah Indonesia yang penuh potensi, dan kami terus percaya pada nilai-nilai Indonesia terbaik : toleransi dan harmoni, bhineka tunggal ika, pluralisme, dan tradisi yang menghormati lingkungan. Kami berpandangan bahwa warisan nilai-nilai yang penuh kearifan ini perlu selalu dilestarikan karena tanpa ini Indonesia akan kehilangan makna. Kami akan berupaya keras untuk bersama-sama melestarikan nilai-nilai tersebut. Kami meyakini bahwa abad ke-21 akan menjadi abad terbaik untuk Indonesia. Untuk memenuhi harapan ini, Indonesia harus percaya diri, adaftif, terbuka pada ide-ide baru, meritokratis, dan secara cerdas mengelola kekayaan sumber daya alam, sumber daya manusia dan warisan budayanya. Diaspora Indonesia akan menjadi penghubung (HUB) untuk gagasan, solusi, sumber-daya dan jaringan guna membangun kesejahteraan bersama, dan kami akan menjadi suatu kekuatan untuk perdamaian dan kemajuan. Kami akan mempromosikan budaya Indonesia. Kami akan menyebarluaskan visi ini dan bekerjasama dengan komunitas diaspora Indonesia lainnya, dan akan berupaya untuk terus tumbuh bersama dan membantu satu sama lain. Ini merupakan babak baru bagi Indonesia, dan diaspora Indonesia. Kami mengundang semua diaspora Indonesia untuk maju bersama kami.




Los Angeles, 8 Juli 2012